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Bestseller Academy: How To Use Accountability to Fuel Your Writing Success

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Mark Desvaux

What You'll Learn

Why authors succeed (and many don't)

The five reasons why some authors succeed and why others fail to finish their book.

How you can create accountability in your writing

Learn how to maximise your writing productivity using accountability in your week, no matter how busy you are.

It all start with your writing habit...

Learn how to overcome the number one challenge facing authors today.

What is The Bestseller Academy?

Learn more about this incredible environment to grow as a writer through accountability, setting goals and supporting your writing dreams with coaching, courses and community.


About Mark Desvaux

Mark Desvaux is author of the bestselling novel Back to Reality, a professional coach and speaker for over twenty-five years, and bestselling recording artist. He is a teacher & lecturer with over 10,000 students worldwide. Mark is co-host of The Bestseller Experiment, one of the biggest writing podcasts on the planet.


About Mark Stay

Mark Stay is the author of bestselling Back to Reality, The End of Magic and recently landed a three book deal with Simon & Schuster for The Crow Folk (2021). He is the screenwriter of the movies Unwelcome (Warner Bros, 2022) and Robot Overlords (Ben Kingsley, Gillian Anderson). He is co-host of The Bestseller Experiment podcast. He has over twenty-five years experience in bookselling and publishing including fifteen years with Orion Publishing (Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly) part of Hachette Book Group.