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How To Create Your Best Writing Year Yet - The Five Foundations Every Writer Needs To Succeed

Presented by
Mark Desvaux

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What You'll Learn

The five essential foundations you need as a writer to become a bestseller

Writing is one of the most invigorating pursuits but also incredibly challenging when trying to do it alone. Learn about the Academy's ACCCA model which we believe every author needs to succeed, and find out how many you have.

How to develop the bestseller mentality

Learn why surrounding yourself with like-minded writers who are willing to dream big is essential to your success.

It's your name on the cover, but...

Learn what kind of support team a successful writer has, and why the right kind of writing community makes all the difference in helping you achieve your goals.

What is The Bestseller Academy?

Learn more about an incredible environment to support your writing dreams, set goals, gain accountability and coaching to finish your book, and grow as a writer.


About Mark Desvaux

Mark Desvaux is author of the bestselling novel Back to Reality, a professional coach and speaker for over twenty-five years, as well as bestselling recording artist (Urban Myth Club). He is a teacher & lecturer with over 10,000 students worldwide. Mark is co-host of The Bestseller Experiment, one of the biggest writing podcasts on the planet.


About Mark Stay

Mark Stay is the author of bestselling Back to Reality, The End of Magic and recently landed a three book deal with Simon & Schuster for The Crow Folk (2021). He is the screenwriter of the movies The Little People (Warner Bros, out 2021) and Robot Overlords (Ben Kingsley, Gillian Anderson). He is co-host of The Bestseller Experiment podcast. He has over twenty-five years experience in bookselling and publishing including fifteen years with Orion Publishing (Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly) part of Hachette Book Group.